Always when we walked, it was clear to me how much he loved nature, wild flowers, animals in their natural habitat and the simple pleasures of a beautiful sunset. My love for the environment did not develop out of a vacuum.

Regarding his father. Achieving The Impossible - A Fearless Leader. A Fragile Earth. (2010)
tagged: nature, parenting

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Never, ever did I think that there would be a debate in this arid country about which was more important – gas or water. We can survive without gas. We cannot live without water.

Karoo Anti-Fracking Speech to Shell in Cape Town, 25 March 2011

Everywhere water is under threat. It is our most precious resource. And there is no alternative to it.

Address to Cape Town Press Club, 13 May 2011

There’s nothing more chilling than swimming across open sea, where recently there used to be a solid glacier.

Address to the House of Lords (19 November 2010)

If we pass on an unsustainable environment to our children we have failed them.

Address to the House of Lords (19 November 2010)

You must not dither – swim like you’re running through a minefield.

Outside Magazine, 13 April 2009