Mankind is a rope tied between beast and superman—a rope over an abyss.

Zarathustra, in Thus Spoke Zarathustra, First Part, "Prologue," section 4 (1883).
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You have overcome yourself: but why do you show yourself to me only as the one overcome? I want to see the victor: cast roses into the abyss and say, “Here is my thanks to the monster, because it didn’t know how to swallow me!”

Through music the passions enjoy themselves.

Beyond Good and Evil, "Fourth Part: Maxims and Interludes," section 106 (1886).

How good bad music and bad reasons sound when we are marching into battle against an enemy.

Dawn, "Fifth Book," aphorism 557, "Into Battle Against an Enemy," (1881).

In revenge and in love woman is more barbaric than man is.

Beyond Good and Evil (1886)

In war personal revenge maintains its silence.

February 1883