Maid: If you stay home, you can help me shave my armpits.
Billy: I’ll go to school.

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I drew the duck blue because I never have seen a blue duck and I want to see a blue duck.

Billy: Suntan lotion good for me. It protects me, tee hee hee. Sun is bad, Lotion good. (Squeezes bottle) Phft, phft, phfffnnnnnnnt! Smiley.

Billy: I will not make out with you! Mr. Chlorophyll up there is talking about God knows what and you want to make out with me!? Well I’m here to learn sister. (turning to teacher) Continue.

Billy: Okay Mr. Penguin. I’m gonna take you to the zoo where you’ll meet some nice people, they’ll treat you real respectable like.

Norm: (wakes up) H-Hey Billy I..? Where’s Billy at?
Friend: At school.
Norm: Oh, yeah.