Blithe Spirit


Elvira Condomine: Well, I really am a little hurt. You called me back, and at great inconvenience I came…and you’ve been thouroughly churlish ever since I arrived!

Elvira Condomine: Nobody but a monumental bore would have thought of having a honeymoon in Budleigh Salterton. I was an eager young bride Charles, I wanted glamour and music and romance. What I got, was potted palms, seven hours of every day on a damp golf-course and a three piece orchestra playing “Merry England”.

Madame Arcati: I may go into a slight trance, Mr. Condomine. But if I do…pay no attention.

Mr. Condomine: Would you like to stay? There’s a spare bed you know…
Madame Arcati: No thanks. Each to his own nest. I’ll peddle home in a jiffy, it’s only seven miles!