The Witch: Fate be changed, look inside. Mend the bond torn by pride.

tagged: fate, healing, pride

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Princess Merida: Sorry, I don’t speak Bear.

Princess Merida: There comes a day when I don’t have to be a Princess. No rules, no expectations. A day where anything can happen. A day where I can change my fate.

Young Merida: I saw a Willo the Wisp!
Queen Elinor: A Willo the Wisp? You know, some say that Willo the Wisps can lead you to your fate.

Princess Merida: I didn’t ask her to change you into a bear! I just asked her to change… you.

Princess Merida: Mom, you’ll never guess what I did, today!
Queen Elinor: What’s that dear?
Princess Merida: I climbed up the Crown’s Tooth and drank from the fire falls.
King Fergus: Did you, now? They say only the Ancient Kings were brave enough to drink the fire.