Barbara: I make you feel trapped.
Mitch: No you don’t, it’s not you.
Barbara: Well how do you think that makes me feel when I hear you say that?
Mitch: I didn’t mean you, it’s me. I – I just feel lost.

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Ben: Hi, you guys guests here?
Mitch: Yeah, we just got in a minute ago. I’m Mitch Robbins.
Ed: Ed Furillo, I sell sporting goods.
Mitch: Show him your jacket.
Phil: Yeah, I’m Phil Berquist. I committed adultery. Lost my job and my family.
Mitch: His jacket’s being made.

Cookie: Lord, we give you Curly. Try not to piss him off.
Mitch: That’s it?
Cookie: What else is there? I got chicken burning.

Phil: You know, when I was alive I would have found her attractive.

Ed: No. A cowboy doesn’t leave his herd.
Phil: You are a sporting goods salesman!
Ed: Not today.