Mitch: You don’t even need at TV to record.
Phil: Then how would I watch it?
Ed: Would you stop! Stop already! He doesn’t get it. The cows could record something by now!

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Mitch: Sorry. I didn’t mean anything by that.
Curly: I crap bigger than you.

Ed: You know what I think? Out there are all the answers.
Mitch: No, Ed, out there are cows. And plenty of them.

Mitch: Hi Curly. Kill anyone today?
Curly: Day ain’t over yet.

Ed: Let’s say all your life, for breakfast, you’re eating from a Kellogg’s variety pack.
Mitch: And a spaceship lands.
Ed: No. And then you don’t get the variety pack. You pick one. Your favorite one. And you just get that one from then on. Every day, for the rest of your life, the same cereal. And then you wake up one morning, and you’re just not hungry anymore.
Phil: You can’t get an erection!
Ed: Hey pal, I can get an erection any time I want. Watch.
Mitch: Ed, please don’t. Come on, leave the stallion in the corral, you’ll knock me into the fire.