Fierce Creatures


Vince: You know, you shouldn’t dress like that. People might think you’re trying to sleep your way to the top.
Willa: As long as they don’t think I’m trying to sleep my way to the middle.

Rollo Lee: It’s an anteater, not a maneater!
Sydney Lotterby: What would you be saying if it ran over there, jumped into that pram? What would you be saying to the child’s mother now?
Rollo Lee: I’d say, “Madam, you are the victim of an 8 billion to one chance: a leaping anteater! An evolutionary mutant previously unknown to science!”

Vince: No, no. This is the kind of conversation that two people have when one of them is female.

Willa: Is this one your favorite?
Rollo: Yes. Yes, I like him breast – best – of all the small mammaries – mammals!

Rollo Lee: Leopards on the left, rhinos on the right, monkeys in the middle.