Talk Show Guest: According to my source, the end of the world will be on February 14th, in the year two thousand and sixteen.
Dr. Peter Venkman: Valentine’s day. Bummer.

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Dana: Okay, but after dinner, I don’t want you putting any of your old cheap moves on me.
Peter: Ohhhh no! I’ve got all new cheap moves.

Peter: Kinda makes you wonder doesn’t it?
Ray: Wonder what?
Peter: If she’s wearing anything under that toga.

Ray (quoting The Scourge of Moldavia): Time is a window, Death but the doorway, I’ll be back.

Ray Stantz: You mean you never even had a Slinky?
Egon Spengler: We had part of a Slinky. But I straightened it.

Peter Venkman: Hi, Egon. How’s school? I bet those science chicks really dig that large cranium of yours, huh?
Egon Spengler: I think they’re more interested in my epididymis.