Algernon: Stop him? Me? It’s more than my job’s worth to stop him once he gets like this. He’s out to rule the world, if he can get a government grant.

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John: How do we know you’re not just as filthy and sent by them to nick the ring by being filthy when you have lulled us with your filthy eastern ways?

Foot: He’s an idiot. Degree in woodwork. I ask you.

Superintendent: Don’t worry, all you have to do is whistle Beethoven’s famous Ninth Symphony in D minor!
John: (to Ringo) Of course, why didn’t you think of that, you twit?

Foot: MIT wanted me, you know. Wanted me to rule the world for them.

Professor Foot: With a ring like that I could – dare I say it? – rule the world.