Rafe: Not anxious to die sir, just anxious to matter.

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Admiral Yamamoto: A brilliant man will find a way not to fight a war.

Danny: You’re a rotten drunk, always have been.
Rafe: Well, you’re a lousy friend, that’s a new development.

Lt. Col. Jimmy Doolittle: You know what top secret is?
Rafe: Yes, sir. It’s the kind of mission where you get medals, but they send ’em to your relatives.

Rafe: Dolittle assigned me. He wanted me to get some real combat training.
Danny: Well guess what? It isn’t training over there, it’s war. Where losers die and there aren’t any winners, just guys who turn into broken-down wrecks like my father. Now if trouble awaits me, I’m ready. But why go looking for it?

Rafe: You are so beautiful it hurts.
Evelyn: It’s your nose that hurts.
Rafe: I think it’s my heart.