Walter Getz: The best thing about being a dentist. Pure pharmaceutical grade. Couple of lines of this, I could drill my own teeth.

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Michael: So are you going to marry Mr. Blue Impala and graze around with all the other sheep for the rest of your life?
Peggy Sue: No, I already did that.

Mother: What’s the matter, have you and Charlie had a fight?
Peggy Sue: Yes.
Mother: What about?
Peggy Sue: House payments.

Peggy Sue: I am a grown woman with a life time of experience that you can’t understand.
Charlie: Yeah, girls mature faster than guys.

Richard Norvik: I would be very careful about this if I were you. What if you fall into the hands of some madman with plans to manipulate your brain?
Peggy Sue: Well, that’s why I was getting a divorce!

Charlie: Well, what’s the point of being a teenager if you can’t dress weird?