Playing by Heart


Trent: In our divorce she referred to me as the architect of her misforturne.

Meredith: I think I’ll have to revise the filing system. Put you in the too good to be true category.

Paul: If I have to wear a tux, she has to wear a bra.

Paul: What are you thinking?
Hannah: Hot liquids and facial burns.

Trent: I’m not asking as a pre-emptive strike against litigation, I’m asking…
Meredith: I’ll have dinner with you.
Trent: Really? What changed your mind?
Meredith: Anyone who can say ‘pre-emptive strike against litigation’ with a straight face deserves a dinner companion.

Hugh: I deserve to be alone, in hell. Thats where I am.

Joan: In this theatre, I don’t sit down to pee.