Lestat: Many times I’ve called for Marius, but there was no answer. Just the endless procession of days, months, years… My teacher left me to my darkest lesson, that in the end, we are alone, and there is nothing but the cold, dark wasteland of eternity.

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Reporter: But these other vampires, aren’t they going to be pissed off you’re giving away all their secrets?
Lestat: I imagine they are; yes.
2nd reporter: Do you have anything to say to the other vampires who may be watching?
Lestat: As a matter of fact I do: Come out, come out wherever, you are. See you all in Death Valley.

Band guy: Who the hell are you, man?
Lestat: The question provoked an irresistable urge. “I am the vampire Lestat.”

Akasha: My children. Warms my blood to see you all gathered together, plotting against me.

Lestat: How did you manage to slip through the 50’s in red velvet?
Marius: I slept.
Lestat: Don’t think you’ve missed much.
Marius: Elvis?
Lestat: Elvis, yes.

Lestat: With all my black little heart.