Dr. Hathaway: What’s that smell?
Chris: Must be the dog.
Dr. Hathaway: That’s popcorn.
Chris: Yes sir, I know.
Dr. Hathaway: Get it away from me, I can’t stand popcorn, I hate popcorn.
Chris: Good, now I know what to get you for your birthday.

tagged: food, smell

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Chris Knight: There are a lot of decaffeinated brands on the market that are just as tasty as the real thing.

Chris Knight: Your mom puts license plates in your underwear! How do you sit?

Chris Knight: Self-realization. I was thinking of the immortal words of Socrates, when he said, “I drank what?”

Chris Knight: This? This is ice. This is what happens to water when it gets too cold. This? This is Kent. This is what happens to people when they get too sexually frustrated.

Chris Knight: What about that time I found you naked with that bowl of Jello?
Kent: That’s a lie!
Chris Knight: This is true!
Kent: Hey, I was hot and I was hungry!