Mrs. Danvers: She knew everyone that mattered. Everyone loved her.

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The Second Mrs. de Winter: No, it’s not too late. You’re not to say that. I love you more than anything in the world. Oh, please Maxim, kiss me please.
Maxim de Winter: No, it’s no use. It’s too late.

Maxim de Winter: I can’t forget what it’s done to you. I’ve been thinking of nothing else since it happened. It’s gone forever, that funny young, lost look I loved won’t ever come back. I killed that when I told you about Rebecca. It’s gone. In a few hours, you’ve grown so much older.

Maxim de Winter: Have a look at “The Times”; there’s a thrilling article on what’s the matter with English cricket!

Maxim de Winter: I knew where Rebecca’s body was, lying on that cabin floor at the bottom of the sea.
Mrs. de Winter: How did you know, Maxim?
Maxim de Winter: Because… I put it there.