The Longest Day


Flight Officer David Campbell: I don’t mind being one of the few; trouble is we keep getting fewer.

Radio announcer: There is fire at the travel agency.

coded radio message to the French Resistance

John has a long mustache.

coded radio message to the French Resistance

Brig. General Norman Coda: Two kinds of people are staying on this beach: the dead, and those that are going to die!

Lt. Col. Benjamin Vandervoort: Your assignment tonight is strategic. You can’t give the enemy a break. Send ’em to hell.

German officer: For the Allies and the Germans, it shall be the longest day…the longest day!

- about the invasion of Normandy, June 6, 1944

Vandervoort: Sometimes I wonder which side God’s on.

German officer: Why didn’t they attack in May? The weather was perfect.

When you get to Normandy, you’ll only have one friend – God.