Mrs. Lift: Who the Hell are you?
Larry Donner: I’m Owen’s friend.
Mrs. Lift: Owen doesn’t have a friend.
Larry Donner: That’s because he’s shy.
Mrs. Lift: No, he’s not; he’s fat and he’s stupid.

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Owen: You mean if someone ruins you permanently then you can murder them.
Larry: Correct, which brings me to my next point, the motive you have to eliminate it.
Owen: Eliminate the motive.
Larry: Correct, I’ll give you an example, my ex-wife I hate her guts right?
Owen: Oh yeah I overheard you in the caffeteria sh..she really ruined you.
Larry: Yes she did, and I hate her with a passion Owen but I would never murder her.
Owen: You’d get caught!
Larry: Absoloutely right. I would get caught because I have a motive and people know that.
Owen: I got a similar problem with my momma.
Larry: Well look at this Owen this is amazing, you and I have something in common.
Owen: We do?