Momma: Owen! Food!
Owen: In a minute, Momma.
Momma: Don’t you “In a minute, Momma” me! Get off your fat little ass or I’ll break it for you! I want two soft boiled eggs, white toast, and some of that grape jelly god damn it! And don’t burn the toast!
Owen: Kill her, Larry.

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Larry Donner: The night was hot, wait no, the night, the night was humid. The night was humid, no wait, hot, hot. The night was hot. The night was hot and wet, wet and hot. The night was wet and hot, hot and wet, wet and hot; that’s humid. The night was humid.

Larry Donner: The night was dry, yet it was raining.

Mrs. Lift: Who the Hell are you?
Larry Donner: I’m Owen’s friend.
Mrs. Lift: Owen doesn’t have a friend.
Larry Donner: That’s because he’s shy.
Mrs. Lift: No, he’s not; he’s fat and he’s stupid.

Momma: He’s trying to kill me! I asked for the salted nuts. He brought me the unsalted nuts. The unsalted nuts make me choke!

Larry: One little murder and you are Jack the Ripper.