True Lies


Faisil: They call him the Sand Spider.
Spencer Trilby: Why?
Faisil: Probably because it sounds scary.

Gib: Kids. Ten seconds of joy. Thirty years of misery.

Helen Tasker: Have you ever killed anyone?
Harry: Yeah, but they were all bad.

Simon: I’m actually a complete coward. If I ever saw a gun I’d… Oh God! Oh no, oh please don’t kill me. I’m not a spy! I’m nothing! I’m navel lint! I have to lie to women to get laid, and, and I don’t score much…I got a little dick, it’s pathetic!

Gib: Denial. It’s not just a river in Egypt anymore, is it Harry?

Harrier Pilot Captain Scott Dotson: You’ll have to sign for that, sir!