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Mal: I don’t plan on any shooting taking place during this job.
Jayne: Yeah, well what you plan and what takes place ain’t ever exactly been similar.

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Buddy Garrity: Best case scenario, Jason’s probably out for a month. You know, it’s probably a lot longer then that. But, uh, we need a plan for Friday night. Heck we–Heck, we need a plan for the rest of the season is what we need, Eric. So tell me, you think little Matt Saracen can get it done?
Coach Taylor: I guess we’re fixin’ to find out.

Xander: I cannot stress enough how much I don’t have plans.

Fungus: I’m sorry, Wazowski, but Randall said I’m not allowed to fraternize with victims of his evil plot.

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Jayne: Smellin’ a lot of “if” comin’ off this plan.

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I never think of the future. It comes soon enough.

Interview on the Belgenland (December 1930)
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Having a sense of purpose is having a sense of self. A course to plot is a destination to hope for.

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Book: You got a plan?
Mal: Hiding ain’t a plan?

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Kaylee: Well, we’re headed for help… right?
Zoe: Captain will come up with a plan.
Kaylee: That’s good. Right?
Zoe: Possibly you’re not recalling some of his previous plans.

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Looking back, I’ve had a remarkable ride. I’m not sure I can call it a career, because a career implies that I had some kind of career plan, and I never did. The nearest thing I had was a list I made when I was 15 of everything I wanted to do: to write an adult novel, a children’s book, a comic, a movie, record an audiobook, write an episode of Doctor Who… and so on. I didn’t have a career. I just did the next thing on the list.

Address to the University of the Arts Class of 2012
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Something that worked for me was imagining that where I wanted to be – an author, primarily of fiction, making good books, making good comics and supporting myself through my words – was a mountain. A distant mountain. My goal.

And I knew that as long as I kept walking towards the mountain I would be all right. And when I truly was not sure what to do, I could stop, and think about whether it was taking me towards or away from the mountain.

Address to the University of the Arts Class of 2012
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Buffy: Hey! Look at us. We came up with a plan, a good plan.

Never spend your money before you have it.

letter to Thomas Jefferson Smith, February 21, 1825
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Megamind: I’ve made a horrible mistake. I didn’t mean to destroy you. I mean, I meant to destroy you, but I didn’t think it would really work. I’m so tired of running rampant through the streets. What’s the point of being bad when there’s no good to try and stop you? I had so many evil plans in the works – the illiteracy beam, typhoon-cheese, robo-sheep… Battles we will now never have. You know, I never had the chance to say goodbye. So it’s good that we have this time now…you know, before I destroy the place. Nothing personal, it just brings back too many painful memories.

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Everyone knows it takes a woman nine months to have a baby. But you Americans think if you get nine women pregnant, you can have a baby in a month.

The Life and Times of Joe Gordon (To the Best of My Recollection) by Joseph G. Martin (2007)