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Wit is the salt of conversation, not the food.

Lectures on the English Comic Writers (1819)
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Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind.

Speech, 14 Feb 1923
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Ramsey: Interesting way you put that, Mr. Hunter.
Hunter: How’d I put it, sir?
Ramsey: Very carefully. I’m not suggesting that you’re indecisive, Mr. Hunter, not at all. Just…complicated.

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Some guy hit my car fender the other day, and I said unto him, “Be fruitful and multiply.” But not in those words.

The Woody Allen Companion (1993)
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Wash: I don’t want you to spare me, Mal. If you think you know what’s happening, then you tell me. You wouldn’t spare Zoë if she were in this situation with you, would you? You would be planning, and plotting and… possibly scheming. So whatever Zoë would do in this instance is what I wanna do. Do you know why? No matter how ugly it gets, you two always come back with the stories. So… I’m Zoë. Now, what do I do?
Mal: Probably not talk quite so much.
Wash: Terse? I can be terse. Once in flight school, I was laconic.

War Stories
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Russell: Speak.
Dug: Hi there!
Carl: Did that dog just say “Hi there”?
Dug: Oh yes!

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Judge Chamberlain Haller: Uh… did you say ‘yutes’?
Vinny Gambini: Yeah, two yutes.
Judge Chamberlain Haller: What is a yute?
Vinny Gambini: Oh, excuse me, your honor…Two youths.

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Of all the haunting moments of motherhood, few rank with hearing your own words come out of your daughter’s mouth.

Women and Their Fathers, ch. 3 (1992).
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Mindy: It’s like if Hermione liked Voldemort.
Shauna: I don’t know those words.

Princess Merida: Sorry, I don’t speak Bear.

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Nowadays what isn’t worth saying is sung.

Le Barbier de Séville (1775)

I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.

The Friends of Voltaire (1906)

Men are influenced by big loud empty words, styes which swell the eyelids and impede vision of the truth.

Here Comes Everybody: An Introduction to James Joyce for the Ordinary Reader (1965)
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A conquering army on the border will not be stopped by eloquence.

Speech to North German Reichstag (24 September 1867)

Jason: She over-French pronounces French words.

Marquise De Merteuil: Adopt a less marital tone.

No one has a finer command of language than the person who keeps his mouth shut.

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Always do sober what you said you’d do drunk. That will teach you to keep your mouth shut.

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I’m not a big fan of other people’s punctuation. When I read a script I’ve got a sort of automatic eraser. I don’t see punctuation or capitals or instructions. I want to decide when the sentence is over. Who’s to say when a sentence ends and the other one begins? Sometimes it begins in the middle of the next sentence.

"Walken on the edge", Marin Independent Journal, Jason Walsh (October 17, 2004)

Of what use is freedom of speech to those who fear to offend?

Roger Ebert's Movie Home Companion (1990 Edition)
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Once-ler: Unless someone like you cares an awful lot, things aren’t going to get better. They’re not.
Ted: You do know that you are talking in rhyme, don’t you?

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Occasionally words must serve to veil the facts. But let this happen in such a way that no one become aware of it; or, if it should be noticed, excuses must be at hand to be produced immediately.

quoted in Arthur Koestler's Darkness At Noon (1941)