Nurse: Oh there you go again – mistaking me for someone who gives a damn! Who cares if you’re fat or thin…who cares if you live or die?!

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Edina: Look at that…what do you think that is there?
Saffie: It’s a sticker with a green tree on it.
Edina: Yes…
Saffie: What does that mean?
Edina: ‘Kind To Trees’, sweetie.
Saffie: How are they kind to trees?
Edina: Well they ain’t made of wood, how kind do you want?

Edina: I don’t know. I just…I somehow…I just don’t think you should have sold Saffie like that.
Patsy: …Well, darling, she said she wanted to see how the real people lived.
Edina: I don’t think the White Slave Trade is quite what she had in mind. But it’s not as if she enjoyed a normal life anyway, really.
Patsy (enthusiastic): No! It might just bring something out in her!
Edina: …She might just live in…painful solitude for the rest of her life…
Patsy: Well, I mean, nothing is certain. Not for any of us. Cheers, Eddie!
Edina: Cheers!

Eddie: Why, oh why do we pay taxes, huh? Just so we can have bloody parking restrictions, and bloody ugly traffic wardens, and bollocky pedestrian bloody crossings! Why not just have a “Stupidity Tax?” Just tax the stupid people!

Edina: God, it’s a rather depressing thought, isn’t it, that you might live on after me. Hmmm…You? Is that how I’m going to be remembered, is it…what, through you?!
Saffie: Well, what do you want – a statue?
Edina: YES!!
Saffie (Screaming): A great big, fat, ugly, armless statue??
Edina (agast): I’ve got arms. (flails arms around) I’ve got arms!!

Edina: Just do whatever you want.
Patsy: Eddie!
Edina: But as your mother, I cannot be held responsible for your well-being.
Saffie: Ow! She burned me with her cigarette!
Patsy: Accident.