Nurse: Oh there you go again – mistaking me for someone who gives a damn! Who cares if you’re fat or thin…who cares if you live or die?!

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Patsy: Well, what am I supposed to do if you die?
Edina: Get cabs!

Edina: Why is it that in the hottest countries in the world, they put their children in little woolly jumpers. You’d think Gap would have spotted the hole in the market…I mean, the whole population here is just crying out for good quality, reasonably priced Kid’s Casuals!
Patsy: Oh, shut up Eddie.

Eddie: I mean I was just trying to live my bloody life… you know, get from A to B and do a little shopping!….only to find, that in fact, life is controlled for me, by bits of bloody bloody buggery bits of paper! I mean, why can’t life just be a little bit easier for everybody, you know?

Edina: God, I hope you’re not inviting that bloody, bullocky, selfish, two-faced, chicken bastard, pig-dog man, are you?
Saffie: You could just say ‘Dad’.

Patsy: I really need a loo.
Edina: You’re so inhibited now…just go at the side of the bloody road, darling. I mean, the gutter’s alright for you in London, isn’t it? I mean, you’d go in a gutter at rush hour traffic in front of a whole party of your friends, but now you’re not going to dig a hole and just go here, now.