Scott: Why don’t you tell him the truth? Tell him why I used! Tell him why I had to get high every day!

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Mr. Barringer: You’re my only child. And I love you. Look at me! But I don’t know you anymore.
Scott: It’s me, Dad. Just me. I know you don’t believe it. And I know you don’t want to. But it happened. It’s the truth.

Scott: Why didn’t you believe me?
Mr. Barringer: It’s not something I wanted to believe. You’re my son!
Scott: And she was your wife!
Mr. Barringer: Yes, she was my wife. But you never said no. Not once did you have the guts to say no.
Scott: So what are you saying? That it’s my fault?
Mr. Barringer: Yes. It’s your fault. If you couldn’t control yourself who’s fault could it be?
Scott: Hers! Don’t you get it? Hers! Not mine! Hers!

Mr. Barringer: To tell you the truth it’s not something I want to talk about.
Scott: Well then maybe you should be the one going to Horizon. Because all we do is talk. We talk about drugs, we talk about depression, we talk about stepmothers seducing and molesting their stepsons.

Scott: I can’t go home.
Peter: Why not? What’s going on at home?
Scott: If my dad finds out…
Peter: If your dad finds out what?
Scott: Don’t make me go home.

Shelby: Don’t get mad. This is gonna sound weird but…I thought guys always wanted it.
Scott: Me too.