Shelby: Hey Ezra, I need a read on these mushrooms, do they have any hallucinatory promises?
Ezra: Not unless death is a hallucination.

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Scott: I can’t go home.
Peter: Why not? What’s going on at home?
Scott: If my dad finds out…
Peter: If your dad finds out what?
Scott: Don’t make me go home.

Shelby: Don’t get mad. This is gonna sound weird but…I thought guys always wanted it.
Scott: Me too.

Shelby: Are you gonna tell the guys here?
Scott: I don’t know.
Shelby: If you do, they have to report it. It’s like the law of the school. It happened to a girl here once. Her father abused her. She told them, and they called the police. There was this big investigation.
Scott: What happened to her?
Shelby: He came and took her home.

Elaine: He’ll never believe you. He loves me.
Scott: It’s the truth.
Elaine: The truth is us Scott. It doesn’t have to be this way. You can do whatever you want.
Scott: You’re done.

Shelby: Is she pretty?
Scott: She makes me sick!