Saul: It’s been a very complicated day.
Mira: Your life is a very complicated day.

"Blind Spot" (season 1, episode 5)

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David: How do you know her?
Carrie: I recruited her, that’s how.
David: Yet there’s no record of her being an asset of yours.
Carrie: I ran her off book.
David: Why?
Carrie: Because I was interested in keeping her alive.

"The Smile" (season 2, episode 1)

Carrie: Somewhere down there, there’s a tiny sliver of green just taking its time. This is how everything works. You wait. You lay low. And then you come to life.

"The Vest" (season 1, episode 11)

Jessica: You punched a reporter.
Brody: Oh, he’ll live.
Jessica: In front of Chris.
Brody: He’ll live, too.

"Grace" (season 1, episode 2)