Homicide: Life on the Street


Det. Meldrick Lewis: You go when you’re supposed to go, and everything else is homicide.

Det. John Munch: Name one miracle that’s happened in your lifetime.
Det. Stan Bolander: How ’bout the fact that I haven’t killed you yet?

Munch (Answering the phone on Christmas): Ho-ho-homicide!

Criminal: I’m telling the truth this time! You don’t believe me?
Det. John Munch: Frankly, I preferred your Jamaican story better. It had a kind of Elmore Leonard quality.

Det. Meldrick Lewis: Baltimore, home of the misdemeanor homicide.

Det. Mike Kellerman: There’s no absolutes in life; only in vodka.

Det. John Munch: Homicide: our day begins when yours ends.

Det. Stan Bolander: It’s hard to meet single woman on this job. You meet plenty of widows, but the timing just don’t seem right.

Det. Tim Bayliss: You never say please. You never say thank you.
Det. Frank Pembleton: Please don’t be an idiot. Thank you.

Det. Tim Bayliss: Homicide, sweet homicide.

Det. Frank Pembleton: Life would be perfect, if it was just kids and dogs.

Det. Frank Pembleton: You know, sometimes you’re funny. Then there’s now.

Sgt. Kay Howard: If you were going to hide a body, where would you bury it?
Det. John Munch: In a cemetery.

Det. John Munch: Every evening is as random as the next, death doesn’t follow a schedule.

Lt. Al ‘Gee’ Giardello: It’s better to be judged by twelve than carried by six.

Det. Frank Pembleton: Virtue isn’t virtue unless it slams up against vice. So consequently, your virtue’s not real virtue. Until it’s been tested… tempted.

Det. Steve Crosetti: Either it’s murder, or this library has a very strict overdue policy.