William Gary: Do you know what it’s like to scream in silence three hundred and sixty five days of the year?

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Jose Chung: Unlike profiling serial killers, writing is a lonely and depressing profession.

Maddie: I was at church Easter Sunday, and the minister was talking about the mystery of faith, and how easy it is to doubt what you can’t prove, and how none of us saw the miracle at the Lord’s tomb that day, all we had to do was to believe in it hard enough, and it would be true. And that’s what faith was. He said that we can’t be weak, that we can’t dismiss the miracle, that we have to be strong enough to make mysteries real.

Polaroid Stalker: I smell bacon, I smell pork. Run little piggy, I got a fork.

Peter Watts: St. Augustine said that miracles are not contrary to nature, only what we know about nature.

Alex Ventoux: God doesn’t move us by telling us the facts. He moves us by pains and contradictions. He’s given me a lack of understanding: not answers, but questions. An invitation to marvel.