Promised Land


Russel Greene: A wise man is nothing but a fool with a good memory.

Dinah: Somewhere outside my body, I am screaming. Somewhere in the night, I am fighting for my life. But here, down in my heart and deep in my soul, my voice calls your name: Mama. My mind remembers all the times you held me when I cried and sang to me when I was afraid of the dark. There is evil out there and now I must face it, but before I go, I want to say “I love you” and I wish I had told you so before I left today.

Claire: God has taken you this far down the road. He won’t abandon you now. I know He won’t.

Russell: I’ll promise you one thing. I’ll never take any unnecessary mesures. I won’t try to be a hero.
Claire: Too late. You already are a hero.

Russell: You know what, honey?
Claire: What?
Russell: Mark can keep his mansion and his money and his cars cause right now I’m holding in my arms the greatest treasure on Earth.

Russell: I don’t understand it. When I was in the Corps, I could swim through ice water for hours.
Claire: When you were in the Corps, you had hair… and youth and stamina.
Russell: Get in here and warm me up, woman, and I’ll show you stamina.

Dinah: You guys are too old to kiss.
Russell: “Too old”? “Too old to kiss”? I don’t think we can let that one slide.
Claire: No.
Russell: You get the bucket, I’ll get the hose.