Beverly: Why are you wearing a wetsuit?
Jeremy: This isn’t a wetsuit, these are skinny pants and a fitted shirt.

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Danny: No one’s really an architect, that’s like a job guys have in the movies.

Mindy: I hate when people say old school when all they mean is inefficient and rude.

Mindy: It’s like if Hermione liked Voldemort.
Shauna: I don’t know those words.

Mindy: Tattling is when a little girl does it, when a hot woman does it it’s called whistle-blowing.

Mindy Lahiri: Maybe I won’t get married, you know? Maybe I’ll do one of those “Eat, Pray, Love” things. Ugh, no, I don’t want to pray. Forget it, I’ll just die alone.

Pilot (season 1, episode 1)