Mac: Can I warn you about something? You’re a rich and famous person, and for that reason only, she may want to sleep with you.
Will: That didn’t sound like something that should come with a warning, that sounded like something that should come with balloons.
Mac: I loathe you right now.

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Charlie Skinner: Facts are the center. Facts. We don’t pretend that certain facts are in dispute to give the appearance of fairness to people who don’t believe them. Balance is irrelevant to me. It has nothing to do with the truth, logic, or reality.

Mackenzie: What’s the difference between a corporation and a person?
Sloan: Have you ever held a door open for someone?
Mackenzie: Yes.
Sloan: Did you ask them for money first?
Mackenzie: No.
Sloan: That’s the difference.

Mac: Who’s our wardrobe supervisor?
Kendra: We don’t have one.
Mac: Get one. Charcoal gray, navy blue, and black. Zenga, Armani, Hugo Boss.
Jake: He’s not gonna look like an elite Northeastern prick?
Mac: He is. Let’s make that sexy again.
Jake: Was it ever sexy?
Mac: Ask the Kennedy brothers.

Will: Yeah, I get that there are moments, small moments, infrequent moments, where I’m not the easiest guy to work with, but who the hell is?
Charlie: I am.
Will: Well, it helps that you’re drunk most of the time.
Charlie: It certainly does.