The Suite Life of Zack and Cody


Mr. Mosby: Now, put the stick shift into drive.
London: You mean the PRNDL?

Maddie: London, I should have told you that you weren’t a very good singer.
London: A very ‘well’ singer.

Mr. Moseby: Your father is incognito.
London: Where is cognito?
Mr. Moseby: That means he’s in hiding.
London: Where is hiding?

London: Maddie, which of these phrases makes me sound the most smarticle?

London: I’m going to open up my own boutique with the 10 dollars grandma sent me for my birthday.
Mr. Moseby: London, you can’t open a boutique with 10 dollars. You’ll need more than that.
London: Yeah, but that 10 dollars came wrapped around a diamond the size of a potato. So I’m going to use my potato diamond to open my boutique!

Cody: Why did your butt just ding?

Zack: I’ll pass on the fish head.
Cody: Me too.
Kimiko: That’s okay. As a sign of respect, I’ll give the fish head to mommy.
Carrie: Oh, great.

Arwin: You know, in high school, my nickname was “The Hawk”.
Moseby: Really?
Arwin: No. But I tried to get it going, though. But they ended up calling me…”Nose Picker”. You know, you pick one nostril in the second grade, and the label you for life! In retrospect, maybe the problem was, it wasn’t my nose-
Mosby: Oh Awrwin!
Arwin: I just felt so bad for her, you know…you can pick your nose, and you can pick your friends, but you can not pick your friend’s nose!