Quote Submission Guidelines

Thank you for choosing to add quotes to QuoteGeek! You are awesome! Thanks for helping us get great quotes out to everyone who visits.

There are some ground rules for quotes. A person goes through and meticulously checks every quote, so to the extent you can follow our guidelines, we appreciate it.

Each quotation submission is carefully reviewed for accuracy and quality, and quotegeek reserves the right to decline to accept any quotation submitted.

Submission Guidelines

  1. Quotations can only be added by registered members
  2. Quotations should:
    1. Be published in some form; e.g. from books, magazines, web sites, intended for public consumption and reaching a reasonably wide audience
    2. Be broadcast in some form, e.g. television show, vlog, movie, radio, podcast
    3. Be excerpts of larger works, e.g. one line from a poem
    4. Be in English, and should be the original wording (not paraphrases, and words should be spelled as they are in the original work)
    5. Be cited as specifically as possible – e.g. if you know what episode the quote was in, please note it in the submission.
  3. Quotations should not:
    1. Be song lyrics
    2. Be reprints of something in its entirety, e.g. a whole poem
    3. Be from private sources, e.g. something funny your best friend said
  4. Members who abuse the quotations submission process will lose the ability to submit quotations. Abuse can come in the form of, but is not limited to:
    1. Spamming the submission form with items that are not quotations
    2. Adding the same quote over and over
    3. Other spam-like activity
  5. We will summarily decline to add or edit any quote that uses text-speak (“u” for “you” or “2” for “two”), on the grounds that translating that garbage gives us headaches.

Please note that by submitting a quote (or quotes) to Quotegeek, you are doing so voluntarily and with the understanding that you will not be compensated monetarily for your submissions. Also note your username may be credited in the site next to the quote, either in the context of its category (e.g. in a list of Jane Austen quotes) or on your profile as a list of quotes you have submitted.

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